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At AMA Services, we understand the importance of giving back to the community, not just in the official work we do, but also as a company, away from our work commitments.

As a result of this we have committed ourselves to raising money, or facilitate the raising of money, for GBC Open Day, in order to aid various local charities. 

This year we have focused our fundraising interest on two events:

The Eco Festival and a Hockey Corporate Day

Eco Festival

What is the Eco Festival?

Gibraltar's first ever Eco Festival will be held on the 24th September 2022. Organised by OTWO magazine, the Eco Festival is all about having a good time in a fun-filled way whilst also learning more about local eco-initiatives, sustainability projects and awareness campaigns around Gibraltar. 

What are we doing for the Eco Festival?

We have sponsored the Eco Festival and will have our very own marquees at the event. Our employees will be 

How does the Eco Festival raise money for GBC Open Day?

There are various ways the eco festival will raise money. 

Hockey Corporate Day

Why hockey?

Our founder, Adrian Avellano...

Why hockey?

Our founder, Adrian Avellano...

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