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Naked energy focuses on accelerating the transition to net zero carbon by decarbonising heat, through their energy dense solar technology - Virtu


The next generation of solar thermal technology - a solar thermal collector capable of heating water up to 120°C by the power of the sun. The VirtuHOT product is made up of multiple glass tubes containing flat plate absorbers and copper pipes filled with fluid. The heat energy absorbed from the sun is transferred to stored water through heat exchangers, which can then be consumed by the user. The VirtuHOT allows customers to reduce their fossil fuel dependency and future-proof hot water supply.


The VirtuPVT is a hybrid solar collector, combining solar thermal technology and solar photovoltaics (PV), generating both electricity and heat. With the same technology as the VirtuHOT, the VirtuPVT can capture the sun’s energy to heat water up to 80°C. Additionally, cells are bonded to the flat plate absorbers in the VirtuPVT, which absorb the sun’s energy, converting it to electricity.

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